Condition Reports

Download Our Condition Report For Your Use

>>> Download this condition report to use on your viewings <<<

This document is designed to help you make notes when you are viewing a property and can be especially useful if you are viewing several properties in a short period of time.

You don’t want to forget about something important, after all!

This sheet will help you take notes on the:

  • Electrics
  • Central heating
  • Windows & doors
  • Roofs & gutters
  • Damp
  • Lounge
  • Dining room
  • Hall and Stairs
  • Kitchen
  • Bedroom 1
  • Bedroom 2
  • Bedroom 3
  • Bedroom 4
  • Bathroom 1
  • Bathroom 2
  • Gardens

Each of the rooms and elements above could have numerous issues that you will need to take a note of and consider.

These might include room sizes or noticeable damage. 

The most important thing is to write everything down during your viewing. That way, once you are home, you can look back over your notes.

Because memory is a fickle thing and we forget the things that, at the time, we were certain we would remember.

But, even if you miss something in your notes, don’t worry.

If you have a good enough rapport with the agent/seller, there is not going any problem with you popping back and checking something over again.