Price Drops

How to Find Properties that have Recently Dropped in Price

Similar to finding properties that have been on the market for a long time, recent price drops on a listing could be an indicator that the homeowner is very keen to sell (is motivated).

In our experience, the best property portal for finding these price drops is Zoopla.

(Although it is best to be aware that there are fewer properties listed on Zoopla, than on other platforms.)

As is similar to Rightmove, when you search the Zoopla portal you can use search filters to find the kinds of property and locations you are interested in.

In this case, however, when you have your search results, you will want to use the filter that says, ‘Most Reduced’, to show you both the dates when those properties have seen a price drop and the amount they have dropped by (since they were first listed), as a percentage.

Bear in mind, a 50% reduction does not mean that the property price was dropped by 50% in one go. The difference is between the current date and the date that the property was first listed.

The next step is simply to read the descriptions and think. Can you make any guesses about why the price reduction occurred?

When you do this, there will always be one-or-two properties that stand out, meriting further investigation

Remember, at this point, you are only building your shortlist. If you have a feeling that a price change could indicate a motivated seller, then that property is worth saving, for now.