Property Price

Property Values

In this lesson, we will be looking at how to asses the potential value of a property.

Of course, when you have a specific property in mind, a surveyor will provide you with a lot of information and nothing here can replace the value that a surveyor can bring to the table.

However, the method here can give you a pretty good starting point for a valuation.

We will be using Rightmove again.

  1. You’ll need to set a wide price range and search properties in the area.
  2. Then, using the map feature, click on other properties and see what they are selling for.
  3. From this, you will be able to get an average price for houses in the area (there will be outliers but all you want is a starting point).
  4. Afterwards, you will need to navigate to ‘sold house prices’ to see the properties that have sold in the area and for what price.
  5. Then combine your two averages and you will have a complete picture of house prices in the area.

By doing this you will have a decent understanding of house prices, which will help you when you are preparing your offer.