Refurbishment Teams

Key Team Members – Refurbishment Teams

You are going to have to find a trusted refurbishment team.

Even if you don’t need to refurbish your property, right at the beginning, maintenance work will still need doing, at some point.

When you’re starting out it can be difficult to find the best people.

But once you do find the right team, they will help save you money and free up your time, to spend on growing your business.

The main points to consider are:

  1. Whether you would prefer to work with a one-man-band or full-service company?
  2. Whether you want to manage the works yourself or leave them to it?
  3. How skilled (and qualified) do they need to be?

Finding the Right People

As always, personal recommendations are a great way to find your refurbishment and maintenance team.

Failing that you can refer to professional associations and trade bodies, such as:

And then, the final tried and tested way to find traders, nowadays, is online.

You can use review-sites like Trustpilot to give you an idea of who could be a good fit, for your properties.

Questions to ask of a prospective refurbishment team could include:

  1. Are you a member of any trade body associations?
  2. What trades/jobs do you do?
  3. Can you provide any referrals from clients, you have recently work with?
  4. Do you do emergency call-outs?
  5. What is your current work schedule like at the moment?
  6. What are your payment terms?
  7. Do you charge a set hourly-rate or per job?
  8. Do you work for any other landlords?