Viewing Tips

When You Are Out Viewing Property

When you are out viewing a property for the first time, the trick is not to be overwhelmed.

Remember, you don’t have to check everything, there and then. You can arrange second or third viewings to make sure your ‘I’s are dotted and your ‘T’s are crossed.

We would recommend that you don’t really use the first viewing as a way to check the property, as such, but as an opportunity to build a rapport with the agent or homeowner.

This rapport will stand you in good stead, later on.

Breaking it Down

  1. You don’t need to do everything in the first viewing – It is best just to focus on building a good rapport with the agent or homeowner.
  2. Now that you’ve built a good rapport it gives you a great opportunity to have a second viewing where you can look at things in a bit more detail. If required, this is a great time for you to bring someone along with you from your refurbishment team.

Some other tips to use during your first viewing include:

  • Letting the agent/homeowner know what your buying position is.
  • Letting them know how quickly you want to (and can) buy the property.
  • Letting them know about any other properties you are considering.

One thing, you really want to avoid, is getting into a discussion about price, while you are at the property. 

When you are viewing a property there are going to be many thoughts rushing through your mind and the last thing you want to do is weaken your position by saying something you may later regret.

The best thing to do is to take your time and when at home gather your thoughts and do more research.

That way, when you finally put in your offer, it is something that you have properly considered.