Terraced Houses

Investing in Terraced Houses

For many areas of the UK, terraced houses are the main housing stock. 

And terraces are often the main style of property that investors look at because they provide a good space for most types of tenant.

Terraced houses can vary in their design, room sizes and size of garden (or yard). 

They do tend to be a good option for investors but there are things to look out for such as damp proofing.

Because a lot of terraced housing is quite old and there could be age-related issues, including problems that are not immediately obvious.

The last thing you want is an unexpected refurbishment project.

So, make sure when you are looking for houses on the property portals you actually visit the property too. 

And with terraces, if you see a property advertised as a 3-bed, you will want to check the size of the third bedroom as these are often too small to be a practical bedroom for a tenant.

But with all that in mind, terraced housing can be fantastic for investors, especially for beginners.

So, while research and due care are always essential, they are certainly worth considering.